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Nurturing Your Inner Child:

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a child. How old are you? What do you look like? What are you wearing? Who are you living with? Can you identify with that child? How does that feel at this moment? How do you feel as you  connect with her/him? What does this child need from you at this moment?  What is the child emotionally missing? What is interfering with her/him getting what she/he needs? This child needs your compassion. Try visualizing him/her everyday at least once a day. As you perform this daily exercise-take note of yourself as well as of the child. How are you feeling, physically, during the visualization? What sensations are going through your body?  At tend to these sensations- in what part (or parts) of your body are you experiencing them? What types of sensations are they? Can you describe them? Are they dull, sharp, nagging, painful, exciting, exhausting? Do these feelings remain in one part of your body, or do they move around? Do they change forms? What words would these sensations arouse in you? What messages do they suggest? The purpose of this exercise is for you to connect with this “inner child”. The child within you. You need to learn to offer him/her your empathy and compassion. We all want and need to be loved; the love and nurturing we seek is within ourselves.

  Remember the Wizard of Oz? If you need to seek your heart’s desire beyond your own backyard- you never had it to begin with.

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