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Just Because you Think it , Doesn’t Mean it is True

I say this to myself daily.  The mind is illusional by nature. Us humans have the ability to “see” the same issue from many different angles.  All the angles are “correct”, just different.  I’m reminded of the tale of three blind men touching an elephant.  When an observer asks each of the blind men to describe this animal, the one touching the trunk says “this animal is long and round and moves up and down”.The blindman touching the body says “this animal is large and hard and solid”. The one touching the tail says “this animal is small and curly”.  They are all correct, but each one knew only a piece of the whole being which we call an Elephant.

We react to our thoughts through behavior and the emotions that the thoughts provoke.  We become involved and “sucked into” those thoughts as if they are the total reality. But we may be looking at only part of the whole matter under  consideration.  We respond to the world based on those thoughts.  Thoughts are powerful. It is actually difficult to NOT think.

Try this exercise:

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Notice the air coming in with every inhalation.  Notice the release of the breath each time you exhale. Become aware of the thoughts going through your mind.  Observe the birth of each thought.  Imagine the thought as a ship coming into the harbor, but don’t let it dock.  Be aware of the sensations and emotions that arise throughout.  Another ship will be right behind it.  Go back tofocusing on your breath.  Notice the sensations in your body.

Try this exercise daily. You will be practicing several things: observing your thoughts, connecting with your mind/body experience, letting go of thoughts, awareness of the kind of thoughts you tend to have. 

Say to yourself “Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it is true”.


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