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About Jennifer’s practice

Individual Psychotherapy: We are each like snowflakes; each made of the same material but each with unique footprints as human beings. My unique footprints are based on creativity and imagination. Through many techniques, I teach practical skills to those who work with me, helping them towards the discovery of their own uniqueness. Reaching into your “inner child”, I accompany you on a private journey of self-discovery, uncovering past traumas and past “ghosts” within your mind which have interfered with your growth. I help you to resolve and to let go of those things that disrupt your maturation process. Once free of these hidden “ghosts”, you will be able to sort through your own mind’s accustomed ways to know better who you are. Only then will you become more self-aware and awake as you live.  In that awareness lies the key to your inner peace.

Couple’s Counseling: Intimacy is knowing  who you are and sharing who you are. Most of the couples I see don’t know themselves as individuals. They come to the relationship with “baggage” which they project onto their partners. We look for relationships that make us feel “at home.” On some levels this is comfortable. On the other hand this unawareness creates a double-edged sword. For example; the woman who had a controlling father may find a man who doesn’t seem controlling but who, in a committed relationship will behave in controlling ways. The woman will feel betrayed and blind-sided. She didn’t “sign up” for this. The man will say, “It’s not my problem: it’s hers!”  I say that both partners share responsibility for existing problems. So, we begin to explore what each wants and needs and how the couple can create a common vision together. They are guided toward building that vision into reality.

Family Therapy: People often tell me, “I’m not going to do to my children what my parents did to me.” Then, unknowingly, they proceed to do just that! We all tend to bring our families of origin to the families we create with our partners. The ways of  our families of origin are imprinted in our brains…burned into our neurological systems. It takes skill, compassion, patience and teamwork to create a new pattern in the family quilt. Through exploration of the past, imagination about the future, and remaining in the present , through self-awareness and acceptance of current realities, I help each individual to discover his and her authentic voice and teach how to use this voice to contribute to the new family and its maturation.

Parenting: The term “parenting” generally refers to caring for small children. Yes, this is challenging as there are no recipes for what works. But, I would like to extend the meaning to include the whole family as it matures. Parenting does not cease at any given age. It is a lifelong commitment. Sounds scary? I hope so. I believe it is a difficult haul as everything is constantly changing, as do we ourselves. The process of healthy parenting is complicated and sophisticated. I offer some clues to crack the code of this mysterious journey. Together, we look at your unique family and personalities…the cast of characters in your show. We explore what works and what doesn’t. I help you develop your style that does work and will last a lifetime. Please feel free to visit my other website for more ideas  about this topic. My mother and I published this book as a guide for people to “self-think” about this complicated challenge of life in the mature years. Men also find this book useful.